Test ABOUT TIET - 01-31

TIET sounds like "tight", and means TAKEITEASYTHURSDAY.

some awesome sweatshirts



Once upon a time TIET's founder overengineered a silly product for cleaning glasses with a necktie, that he called tie+ ("tie plus"). Since tie+ looked like "tiet" he googled it to make sure it wasn't an acronym for anything horrendous. He found enlightment in the form of an entry in Urban Dictionary:

"Tiet is an acronym standing for "take it easy thursday", tiet is a mindset, a way of life, a method in which one can enjoy his Thursday, at work or at play."

TIET became a company name and a life goal. The focus was enjoying life whether at work OR play – and if you do it right, you won't be able to tell the difference.

TIETsounds like "tight" because it's "tie" with an extra t on the end.


MAISON TIET is a house for talented people and meaningful endeavors to create expertly engineered, beautiful, and functional products.

We're a small company and the products we make are things we want for ourselves – and we have very high standards.


Our products are engineered to exacting specs, and they have sustainability embedded in their DNA. That's not lip service to a bandwagon cause – hemp is actually a superior material. Our pieces spread this knowledge by speaking for themselves.

If you can make better products from more environmentally friendly materials, you just do it.

We figure out how to do the right thing even if it costs more, because we're good at what we do and we have confidence in what we make – and that you'll agree once you have a MAISON TIET article in your hands.

"This hoodie and pouch thing is DOPE, I need to tell EVERYONE and get them as gifts too..."

- You (probably)+(hopefully :D)


Our first collection is a line of insanely comfortable and rugged hoodies made from hemp blended textiles that can be accompanied by removable, patented, NASA tested, magnetically sealed, water and smell proof pouches.

  • ✔️Cozy AF, sustainable material
  • ✔️Functional and beautiful
  • ✔️Boundary pushing technology
  • ✔️You don't smell like your stash
  • ✔️A waterproof pocket for anything
  • ✔️Love and enjoyment for years
  • ✔️We love them as much as you do.

These garments are obsessively overengineered and we can't wait to get them out into the world – this is only the beginning...