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COURTESY Pouch - 600ML Stealth Black TPU

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$35.00 USD

The COURTESY POUCH is a NASA tested technology that automatically closes & seals air tight using an exclusively licensed, patented magnetic closure.

The 600ML COURTESY POUCH is large enough to accommodate almost any phone – and anything else that benefits from a completely waterproof and air tight seal.


  • 600ML capacity
  • Stealth Black TPU 
  • Completely air tight & water proof up to 30m / 100ft.
  • TPU pouch material is waterproof and heat resistant to 80C / 180F (it will survive a trip through the clothes dryer).  
  • Strong neodymium magnetic closure.
  • Works seamlessly using the velcro strip inside all Stealth Hoodies.
  • Use as you see fit  #IYKYK

Hemp Product Care

Hemp is an extremely robust material with only a few points of consideration:

• Hemp will shrink if machine dried on heat!

• If you'd like to maintain the original fit of your garment we recommend air / line drying.

• If you intend to machine dry your garment you can expect slight shrinkage up to 0.5" on length of garment and sleeves.